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I'm a passionate science communicator, filmmaker, and educator who's committed to creating impactful experiences in every project I undertake. My work is built on three core tenets: accuracy, innovation and story. I believe that accurate information is essential to the value of any communication, and I strive to ensure that every project I work on is grounded in scientific accuracy. Alongside this I'm seeking innovative ways to present scientific concepts and engage audiences in the subject matter. Finally, I believe that storytelling is the key to effective communication, as it's how we weave information, visuals, and sound together to create a compelling narrative. By combining accuracy, innovation, and story, I aim to co-create projects that educate, inspire and entertain audiences.


  1. Filmmaking: As a filmmaker with a passion for science and storytelling, I create engaging and informative videos that bring scientific concepts to life. From short promotional videos to full-length documentaries, I work closely with clients to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with their target audience. You can find my work, which uses various types of animation and filmmaking techniques on the film page.

  2. Science Writing: I offer science writing services for a variety of needs, including scientific articles, blog and social media posts and white papers. With a focus on accuracy and clarity, I help clients to communicate complex ideas to a wide range of audiences.

  3. Science Communication Courses: In addition to my filmmaking and writing services, I also offer science communication classes to help individuals and organisations effectively communicate scientific concepts to the public. My classes cover a range of topics, including stop motion animation for science, motion design for science and filmmaking for science. 

CLIENTS (selected)

  • Leica Microsystems

  • EPFL

  • The Balgrist Hospital

  • HUG

  • University of Geneva

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